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"The New Normal" - Wake Up World Tour - Common Ground Corona

Join Jay and the Wake Up World Tour at Common Ground Corona, an independent spiritual community, for an inspiring and thought-provoking talk on the "New Normal" followed by an afternoon workshop to explore in further detail and answer questions... Imagine a world where heaven on earth is the new normal and a near-death experience is just an appetizer of living beyond the veil of fear, separation, limitation and duality... "With ALL Thy Getting, get Understanding" - Explore the power of the human spirit with new and deeper understanding into the Law of Life and how everything you need to fulfill your highest Christ potential, you already have, you must simply learn how to use what has already been created within... This urgent update for human consciousness comes direct from source awakening new truths to lead a new generation... The time is now.

Later Event: October 17
WAKE UP WORLD Tour - Glen Ivy