Humans In Love


" I wrote the book that I was literally both dying and living to read when I was given 15 months to live... A spiritual guide to understanding the Perfection and Purpose of Life - WHO we truly are, WHY we are and HOW life works... to discover that everything we need to fulfill our divine potential, we already have... We must simply learn how to use what has already been created within."

  • Your life is not an accident! There is a purpose, a divine plan, and a perfect spiritual system supporting your soul's growth, healing, and evolution. 
  • There are no exceptions! There are specific laws, principles and processes that govern our life and they apply to each of us equally and impartially regardless of race, religion, gender or nation.
  • It is our responsibility to master the fundamentals of daily living and learn how to prepare and condition ourselves as conscious co-creators in this Divine plan.
  • Whole-Being Conditioning - The same training principles that develop the physical muscles also apply to the mental, emotional and spiritual muscles...
  • The Law of Life and what we are all "In Training" for.




Author and seminar leader Jay D. Allen has written a comprehensive guidebook for building a strong inner foundation. Consider his book Humans In Training a sort of training manual for the mental and spiritual muscles, for even as you have to work out your body to stay in shape, Allen argues that the same effort is required to keep your emotions, beliefs and spirituality in shape.

Packed to the gills with motivational concepts, usable tools and common sense, this book teaches the art of balance and harmony in life by promoting strategies for dealing with the inner solutions to life's outer problems, a must in today's chaotic and distressing world. The book asks the questions, what are we as humans "in training" for? what is our purpose, and how can we live a life of balance, harmony and meaning? By focusing on the concept that what we need we already possess within, an then showing us how to access that which lies within, the author succeeds mightily in providing readers with a solid exercise routine sure to sharpen and build the most atrophied inner musculature.

Allen's ideas and tools for spiritual growth are presented in an enthusiastic and inspiring style that is simply infectious, something often missing from many self-growth books. You cannot read this book and sit idle - he really grabs you with his own passion for personal improvement and makes you want to improve as well.

Each chapter contains special Realizations and Life Skills that compliment the basic theme discussed, whether it be reconditioning our mind to think the kinds of thoughts that move us forward; learning to meditate and enrich our spiritual life and connection with the Divine; raising our level of consciousness; getting our lives "on purpose" and staying the course; getting out of our own way; making connections with others; and honoring every part of our life journey - the good, the bad and the ugly.

I have read dozens of personal growth books and got so much out of this one, including a sense of excitement about the possibilities of life that jumps of the page, thanks to the author's clearly evident passion for his work. Humans In Training is a field guide to living our best life possible, and will whip the body, mind and spirit back into tip-top shape, and make the process fun to boot.

“There is an ancient proverb that says, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” There is no better way for me to explain Jay Allen’s book, his message, and its effect on
my life.

As a business person, we are taught to make goals and work towards achieving them. But we soon learn that there is more to life than money, and when your traditional religious upbringing leaves you with more questions than answers, where do you turn?

Jay’s book shines light and adds a breath of fresh air to life’s questions by reminding us of that which we already knew deep in our souls. He brings together all the great teachings and words of wisdom throughout the ages into one concise, complete and non-threatening underlying message that, “All we need we already have, as it is already within us.”

His charismatic, refreshing and humorous approach to helping us realize the greatness within us, is unmatched. From reading his book to hearing him speak, you always hear something new (to you), because As you grow, you will be ready to receive more and thus give more. I’ve been reading motivational, spiritual, and inspirational books for nearly 30 years, and can truly place Jay, his book, and his message at the top!”
— Steve Abraham, Property Group Internation