Transcendent Teaching of a Modern Christ

Messenger ON A divinely inspired MISSION

sharing a heaven on earth vision

of a world beyond fear and ego division

free of war, dis-ease, and discrimination

By connecting science and all religion

Through an inclusive lens of perfection

revealing the journey of our evolution  


the human to divine transformation

awakening to A life without limitation

accelerating A NEw WORLD GENERAtion 


Jay is a teacher and author whose journey to self-realization accelerated at the age of eighteen when he collapsed and was taken to hospital where he remained unconscious for three days before undergoing emergency brain surgery.  He survived, without brain damage and with a life expectancy of only fifteen months. 

 Armed with a fresh perspective, a sense of urgency, and a new reference point for life, his quest accelerated for answers about life’s purpose, divine potential, happiness, and inner peace as heaven on earth. When he was unable to find what he was looking for through traditional learning and religion, he sought the answers elsewhere.

 He explored the limits of his physical and mental boundaries by skydiving, bungee jumping from a hot air balloon, walking on burning coals, and more... Yet nothing had changed. Jay did not feel fulfilled and knew he had to go deeper, so he shifted his attention from human potential to spiritual potential in order to get to the source of it all, the soul of the matter.  

 As part of the preparation process, side effects of his earlier surgery changed his life once again.  Occasional seizures and blackouts brought new challenges and opportunities including the serendipitous meeting of his biological mother and uncle.

 At this time he also traveled through Europe and explored new cultures, different religions, and new perspectives on life. Jay noticed that wherever he went, people were the same – searching for love, connection and inner peace. 

 With greater harmony and balance within, Jay was able to dig deeper into our true relationship with life and our connection to a Divine presence within and all around us. A Divine purpose and plan was revealed...

 At 27, Jay began teaching what he had desperately wanted to learn and noticed that when he spoke he had to “get out of the way” to allow the words of wisdom and love to flow through, surrendering to a higher will while fully trusting the moment with the intention to serve the highest good. Speaking became a meditation yet the journey off the stage was still a struggle, fighting life, the inner child, false identities and limiting beliefs were all surfacing to be released and healed. The death of his father and biological mother were further catalysts for spiritual growth and healing, revealing deeper issues necessary to break through the veil of separation to make life the meditation and every thought a prayer.

 Spirit continues to reveal deeper understanding and revelations that connect science, religion, spirituality and the universal journey we all share in common regardless of race, religion, gender or nation – Why we are all “In Training” and “In Healing” as life conspires to get our attention.

 At the core of his teachings is the simple yet powerful realization that we are all special and that everything we need to make this shift to our Divine Self, we already have, life has been perfectly preparing us to do so and now we must simply learn how to use what has already been created within.



Allen’s personable style was a hit with the audience….at the end of the day the energy in the room was spectacular!
— Brockville Times
This generations answer to Dale Carnegie.
— Toronto Business Times
Beyond his gift as an author, speaker, and facilitator, Jay is a gift to humanity. He has the ability to energize you while bringing a sense of calmness. He has an excitement about life and love that is contagious. Moreover, Jay has a true gift of connecting you with your soul, unleashing the potential that lies within and unveiling the magic of the moment. His book “Humans In Training” is a must read, Jay Allen is a must meet type of person, and Evolve to Love is a must experience for anyone longing to leave this world better than they found it.
— Joann Lim, Making It Happen Specialist & Professional Coach, Big Picture. Fine Focus
Jay possesses the rare combination of heart-centered wisdom plus the ability to communicate that wisdom in a way that opens both minds and hearts. He is not only an inspirational speaker, he is an inspirational presence! We have had many well known presenters and Jay is at the top of the list!
— Rev. Nancy J. Oristaglio, Regional Representative for the Southwest Region, Unity Worldwide Ministries
A proper thank you is on the way, but in the meantime let me just say thank you for being you. Your spirit-filled and fed spirit creates an amazing energy field, and restores everyone around you.
— Adrian Windsor, Inside Edge Foundation for Education