AN OPEN LETTER TO HUMANITY... Our Next Great Leap Forward!

#Awakening a New EraImagine a world where we will look back on our environmental, social, economic, political, and humanitarian crises the same way we look back at living like the world was flat? We didn't know what we didn't know... until a SHIFT in perspective. If we’re serious about healing the planet and experiencing a world beyond war, poverty, dis-ease, pollution, and discrimination, what could possibly be more important than the answers to the questions: Why? And What is the ONE thing that if we understand and develop this, everything else will flow into place?  As spiritual and creative beings, true healing begins at the deepest causal level, and so with the same urgency, curiosity and hope as when I was given 15 months to live, I offer the SOULution to accelerate a new era of spiritual unity, social conscience, and sustainable living.  To consciously evolve we must know what we’re evolving to… Are you ready for a New Normal beyond all fear, separation, limitation?


#Deeper to go Higher… The most important and profound discovery of our generation will not be in science or technology... It will be in consciousness with the NEW understanding of the spiritual PERFECTION and PURPOSE of LIFE that connects and unites us ALL. As the discovery of the law of gravity gave birth to the age of science, the conscious awareness of the LAW of LIFE will give birth to the age of unity and sustainability. We will also witness an accelerated advancement in science and technology that will be used with wisdom, compassion and for humanities highest good... All part of a perfect evolutionary process as each phase prepares the next for access to the SOULutions to be used in alignment with the intention of life. Now is the time to fulfill the purpose for which we have been specifically designed and created… Wouldn’t that be our ultimate success and our greatest accomplishment? No more blind faith or waiting to die, simply an open heart, mind and soul to break through the limited veil of fear and separation with purposeful connection through deeper understanding...


#Humanity as ONE Family…  Are we ready to take our first step towards developing the spiritual strength, balance, and vision to see a new world through an all-inclusive single lens? As “Humans in Trainingevolving towards a collective purpose that applies equally and impartially regardless of race, religion, nationality, or gender, and that is fully experiential in the here and now? Religion will one day be viewed as an essential stepping stone in the emergence of a universal single truth that transcends all world religions and science. The expansion of consciousness to SEE, FEEL, HEAR, and KNOW ONE God called by many names who is us all… The same power, substance, and intelligence through which ALL life is created, sustained, and renewed… The life of our spirit, the substance of our soul, and the intelligence of our thoughts… All of the GOOD and LOVE that we can express… A new filter of benevolent change where each moment is our meditation and every thought a prayer. It’s this conscious connection and contribution to our spiritual journey and evolution of the soul that we will always have more in common with each other than we could possibly have in difference... Discover HOW we are ALL “In Training” and “In Healing”  to fully express and realize the perfect union of Soul & Spirit?


#No one above, No one belowWe share a miraculous planet, a perfect body temple, a powerful mind and heart, along with an abundance of food, money, resources, and love, yet starvation, obesity, illness, poverty, addiction, depression and crime exist from a survival fear-based lack of understanding… It’s 2018, and as the most advanced creation on the planet, we’re barely scratching the surface of our multi-dimensional Divine potential.  Throughout all modern recorded history, the pursuit of money, power, fame, and love have never been enough, fulfilling or sustainable, individually or as a culture, yet this inner drive to learn, explore and discover continues while seeking full creative expression. Can we rise above and beyond the idolatry of religion and our celebrity culture? and the expired ideas of waiting to die or for someone else to do the work for us? It’s time to stop looking outside of ourselves, to others or a screen, and to realize how love and light are our superpowers and the source is right within. As the source, generator and projector, the more we give with pure intention to serve, the more we receive with limitless access and potential. Darkness has no power, it is simply the absence of light… If you didn’t need approval, validation or recognition, how would you share your gifts/love/light with the world?


#Direct to SourceThere is only one conspiracy and that is life, demanding our conscious awareness in a perfectly designed spiritual system that is unconditionally and perfectly supporting our soul’s growth, healing, and awakening. Have you noticed how life keeps trying to get your attention? How the lessons just keep coming back? How unresolved issues keep showing up in relationships, at home and at work?  Wherever you go, there you are? Not to punish, but the perfect feedback and opportunity to refine and clear old limited beliefs and false identities. The full circle effect when healing is complete? “Coincidences?” Blessings in disguise? Discover how life is happening FOR you, an intelligent spiritual training ground that is preparing and conditioning you to love, trust and go Direct to Source…  The placebo effect? A near-death experience? Spontaneous remission? The “zone?”  Are you curious to get to the SOUL of the matter? Everything we need, we already have… We must simply learn how to use what has already been created within….


#NOW is the Time Humanity... To consciously participate in raising the collective consciousness and therefore the global conscience by redefining a world where we feel safe, inspired and connectedLiving in alignment with the purpose of life, our divine nature, and our souls mission... Life is alive and knows what it’s doing! A perfect network of electromagnetic energy and spiritual laws supporting our souls expression as pure channels for the conscious realization and union with the causal life-giving force that creates, sustains and renews all of life… Trusting this process gives us access to heaven on earth as we discover the secret of harmonic resonance and how to raise our vibration through this veil of separation and limitation... Imagine global conscious capitalism with a conscience? Consumers have all the power by supporting only companies that our driven by purpose not greed, who give back while serving humanities highest good and contribute by offering quality innovation in a way that respects and supports all people, animals, and the planet... We're all on the same team! The opportunity of our lifetime!   
Jay D. Allen