Imagine a world where people fully express and realize the purpose for which they have been created... Are you ready to love deliberately, to live deep and experience your divinity?

  • The perfection and purpose of life
  • Our Soul cosmic destiny
  • How life is happening FOR you, not TO you
  • Whole-BEing awareness
  • Breakthrough the ego veil of fear, separation, limitation & duality... 



Imagine a world where people fully express and realize their divine potential by consciously participating in this perfect divine plan... This six week course features weekly one hour sessions, followed by daily exercises and videos for inspiration and accountability. Be prepared to experience a greater sense of urgency, clarity and connection as Jay connects the dots between religions, science, and spirituality. Jay answers questions from participants and translates the teachings into practical, real-life applications so each individual can fully experience for themselves our our true essence, depth and divine nature... 


What others are saying

" WOW... By far the best I have ever heard. Jay is one of the few... he believes and acts with integrity, passion and commitment to improving the world. He lights a fire and passes the torch!"  -  Andrew Mackenzie
"Through more than a decade of producing events at the Bodhi Tree Bookstore, I met many outstanding presenters, and some truly extraordinary teachers. I feel that Jay is emerging as one of the most accessible and transformative teachers of spirituality today, with great love and wisdom, he inspires clarity and inner transformation."     - Jo Carey