Now is the Time...

"It's 2018... Why buy a book when you can go right to the source!"

Inspired, Independent, and Unfiltered... 
Finally a business model as revolutionary as the message! A global platform designed to bring out the very best in people of all walks of life and created in alignment with the spiritual principles of service, abundance, love, trust, transparency, community, giving/receiving, limitless potential and non-discriminatory by income, age, or nation.... Support the message and the tour by contributing whatever amount works for you!

Wake Up World Tour is building a global sustainable movement of social, environmental, political, economical, and religious reform by introducing a new world teaching that connects us all and applies equally and impartially regardless of race, religion, nationality or gender... Together, we are leading the evolution for a new world of spiritual unity, social conscience, and sustainable living built on a foundation of a Universal Wisdom, Love & Truth.

Producing Wake Up World events, writing new books and articles, creating videos allows me to speak my truth direct from source without compromise. It's 2018, so let's make it personal with full access to books, articles, events, live casts, interviews, behind the scenes, personal Q&A, suggest specific ideas and topics, and connect with other like-hearted souls. To devote the full-time attention to speaking, content, and to cover travel costs, I've chosen Patreon to be fully independent and embrace an approach that supporters can choose to give a one-time or monthly amount In harmony with what works for them, financially and spiritually... and can adjust with life.
Making change means making change at the deepest causal level and throughout our culture, offering the teachings to all students of life regardless of age, income or nation.. Our ultimate vision is to provide a strong foundation of new understanding in all different kinds of organizations, schools and centers of worship, as well as global ambassadors leading the evolution for a new world of benevolent change.

Can you imagine a world where we will look back on war, dis-ease, pollution, poverty, starvation, discrimination, borders, and religion, the same way we look back at living like the world was flat? We didn't know what we didn't know, until a SHIFT in perspective... To consciously Evolve we must know what we are evolving to... Please join our global movement.
Thank you to our passionate community for your love and support... and for your participation! Blessings, Jay


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  • WAKEUPWORLD Tour: Take the show on the road to cities all over the world. Several years in the making, we need funding for the day-to-day costs of the tour, travel, booking venues, promotion, ads, PR, and social media. We are planning events in all cities that hosted a Women's march.
  • SOULutionMedia:  Producing top quality videos for content, Live stream events, programs, Inspirational videos, Q&A, interviews, behind-the-scenes, and documentaries. 
  • Publishing Latest Books:  Print, ebook, audio versions of:                  Humans In Training - Evolution of the Soul                                               Humans In Healing - Expansion of Consciousness                                     WAKE UP WORLD - Evolution of Religion                                               Humans For Giving - Evolution of Leadership                                         Humans In Love - Evolution of Healing                                                                                                                                                                               Hitting our goals on Patreon will ensure that we can continue this level of increased production to do more live events, streams, and hit the road :)
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