Imagine a body where no pain or dis-ease can exist... A perfect conduit to fully express divine wisdom, love and eternal youth.... 

  • How the body communicates as a perfect conduit and feedback mechanism
  • The source of all dis-ease and how it is serving your highest good
  • Temporary relief vs a permanent soulution
  • Everything you need, you already have...
  • the inner work we must all do 
  • WHY we heal from what we GIVE



Jay offers a new perspective that will forever shift the way you see dis-ease.... Are you ready to go deeper? This six week course explores the purpose and source of all dis-ease and how it serves our highest good. Jay explores spiritual SOULutions to remove blockage so we may experience the ease and lightness of our body as a divine temple for connection and consciousness. Jay will guide you through the inner work to access a deeper state of conscious awareness that is whole and pure. Jay translates the teachings into practical, real-life applications to accelerate the healing process wherever you are on your spiritual journey. Discover the "Answer in the Mirror" and that "Everything you need, you already have... You must simply learn how to use what has already been created within"...



"Where have you been all my life? There you are with your words of thunder, expressing totality, wisdom, strength, love and consciousness. Gosh, that was like a deep tissue massage for my soul!"                                                       - Fredrik Ejemo, 
"WOW... let me just say thank you for being you! Your Spirit-filled and fed spirit creates an amazing energy field and restores everyone around you. You will change lives and redirect fortunes!"                    - Adrian Windsor, Inside Edge