Inspiration For A New Generation

A New World Through An Awakened Lens... If we are serious about healing the planet and consciously co-creating  a world beyond fear, war, dis-ease, and discrimination, what could possibly be more important than a deeper understanding of the spiritual meaningpurpose and perfection of life that connectsunites and transcends us all?

Now is the time... In this era of unprecedented political, religious, economic, and environmental change and urgency, humanity has reached a tipping point that calls for an expanded perspective and an emerging wisdom that connects us all, the Connection Consciousness, to accelerate a new generation of spiritual unity, social conscience, and sustainable living. The purpose of life is the universal language that connects us and consciousness is the new technology to accelerate global healing, innovation, and the evolution of religion, healing, and leadership to change the world...



We will look back upon fear, war, dis-ease, and religion the same way we look back at living like the world was flat... We did not know what we did not know... From a higher perspective there was nothing to fear, only explore and experience. 


Accelerating a Global Expansion of Consciousness

L = LOVE. The universal language, the core of relationships, and the essence of all life.

E= EXPANSION. Breakthrough the ego veil of fear, separation, limitation, and duality.
A = ALIGNMENT. Living in alignment with the purpose of life, our divine nature and soul's mission.
D = DIVINE. Pure intention to serve the highest good with conscious awareness of how life is happening for you...
E = ENLIGHTEN. Awakening the soul expansion from fear to love, get to give, and from human to divine.
R = RESPONSIBILITY. Our ability to respond to life with love, compassion, and forgiveness.
S = SUSTAINABILITY. Our ability to sustain our connection to the power, substance and intelligence that sustains life.

Inspiration = In'Spirat'Ion = In Spirit Energy

Align, Access, Activate Divine Wisdom, Love and Presence.
Listen, Learn and Lead with innovative SOULutions.
Develop the ability to respond to all life situations with love, trust and gratitude.                                                             Explore, Expand, and Experience the power and dimensions of your Divine Spirit.
New insights and understanding into the teachings of Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Muhammad, and others...                   Conscious union of Soul and Spirit - The opportunity of a lifetime... Heaven on earth.



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The importance and power of a sustainable business model for a new generation that is independent and allows for total spiritual, intellectual, financial, and creative freedom while actively reflecting the divine principles of love, service, transparency, giving/receiving, creative expression, support, and limitless abundance. Iā€™m tremendously honored to have a community of people who value my life's work so I may share the Divine wisdom purely as it is revealed to me so we may consciously co-create a world beyond fear, war, dis-ease, and discrimination...  

All events, programs, and books will be offered as this new business model that is available to all...